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Location: Wongawallan Drive, Yarrabilba, Queensland

Status: In Progress


A large retail and showroom development for a prominent site in Yarrabilba – a developing Green Star community to the south of Brisbane. The project consists of 4000m2 of lettable area with associated car parking, servicing and landscape areas.


A key design consideration is the connection between the building and the surrounding neighbourhood. Entry points are emphasised and placed strategically on existing pedestrian routes. The building is oriented to address the streets bounding the northern, eastern and southern boundaries of the site. Glazing allows adequate daylighting into the tenancies and provides visual connection between the internal spaces and the public realm. Deep awnings, typically 1.5m proud of the external wall face, wrap around the façade to provide cover to pedestrians and to shield internal spaces from unwanted heat gain.


The building itself is conceived as long, low and elegant – growing out of the greenfield site. A simple, modern form allows signage to be accentuated and controlled. Entry points are very legible. Landscape elements such as shade trees, green walls and recessed gardens are privileged. At the same time retail exposure and car parking numbers are maximised to be ensure the project is both functional and enjoyable.


Project Team:

Nathan Roberts, Bo Husband & Peter Edwards


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