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Husband Architects offer a full range of professional architectural services:

  1. Schematic Design

  2. Design Development

  3. Detailed Documentation

  4. Contract Administration


  • Preliminary meetings with the client

  • Site analysis 

  • Preliminary analysis of local authority requirements

  • Preparing a detailed brief through conversations with the client

  • Preparing conceptual sketch design through sketching & computer modelling

  • Developing preliminary budget estimates. 


  • Preparing of documents for town planning pre-lodgement meetings 

  • Advising and assisting in the selection of project consultants

  • Preparing and developing design for submission to to local councils for development approvals. 

  • Assisting in budget estimate refinements and time programmes. 

  • Preliminary selections of building materials and systems.

  • Evaluating of building statutes, codes and regulations affecting the project.


  • Preparing of construction documentation for submission to building certifier for Building Approval and construction purposes

  • Provision of information to consultants and co-ordination and integration of their work.

  • Preparing detailed documentation like cabinetry, bathroom, balustrade, screen & other specific project details

  • Materials, product, finishes and colour selections sufficient for tender and construction purposes.


  • Calling and reporting on tenders with advice and analysis in respect of the tenders received. Negotiations with tenderers.

  • Administration of the building contract, quality control inspections and defects lists of the works as required and the following as appropriate: 

  • Supply of information, checking and certifying claims for payment, negotiating variations and cost adjustments and other matters included in the running of the contract.

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