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Location: South Brisbane, Queensland

Status: Completed

Peak Apartments are located above Swiss Bel-Hotel and comprise a range of one and two-bedroom apartments on levels 8-11. Apartments feature a separate entry, lift and dedicated car parking levels to the hotel.  Occupying the upper three levels of the building are the Platinum Penthouses. These penthouse units cover half of an entire floor and all enjoy uninterrupted views over the city to the North.


The design of the building is both inspired by and responsive to its surrounding environment. The faceted form of each floor plate opens the hotel rooms and apartments to several view corridors – towards the bends of the river, the city skyline, the Kangaroo Point cliffs, Southbank parkland and up and down Vulture Street.


As different parts of the building have a unique outlook, the building itself is made up of several distinct elements. The Northern rooms and apartments form a pattern of glass and balconies looking towards the city and river whilst the South-East and South-West corners are expressed as vertical elements framing the corner suites and units. The southern façade acknowledges several surrounding iconic buildings such as the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.



Project Team:                   

Bo Husband, Nathan Roberts, Matt Roberts, Tom Walker, Fatih Tek, Peter Edwards and DeWet Geldenhuys


Constructions Group


Horan Group

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