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Location: Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

Status: Completed

This scheme was brought to us by one of our loyal long term clients. He has entrusted us with developing a design which would serve as the retirement home for himself and his wife for many years to come. With the site and existing dwelling already owned by the client, it was agreed that the existing property would be demolished (excluding pool) so that the greatest possible design could be achieved. With family playing an integral part in the client’s life it was our responsibility to ensure that this house was flexible and large enough to cater for several families simultaneously. Our design evolved into a three-level oasis which takes full advantage of its beachfront location, directing its aspect to the ocean. The house includes five bedrooms, large living and amenities, large basement garage and a swimming pool.  A unique introduction of Japanese architectural elements forms the character of the external façade through materials and colour palette.


Project Team:   

Bo Husband, Stephen Martin, Matt Roberts & Tom Walker


Jofield Constructions Pty Ltd


Graham Philip


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