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Location: Brisbane Airport, Brisbane

Status: In progress

Boulevard Business Park consists of three commercial buildings, ranging from three to five storeys on a greenfield site in Brisbane Airport’s Skygate precinct.  

The buildings are designed to be sculptural objects within the landscape. Large, dramatic roofs reflect the subtropical environment, providing shade to the largely glazed facades. Sophisticated, modern materials – zinc cladding, raw concrete, curtain glass and metal sun shading – reflect a high quality commercial expression. Planters within the external form soften the transition between the natural and built environments. The landscaping on and around the buildings provides a high level of amenity to occupants – experienced through many external terraces. Internal spaces are well lit by natural light and enjoy views towards an adjacent golf course and lake and towards the airport and Brisbane’s CBD.  


Modern modes of working have been carefully considered and responded to. Each floor plate is very flexible and suitable for a range of configurations. Connectivity between levels and potential departments is privileged. Entry sequences are emphasised.


The project integrates many efficient sustainable features. End of trip facilities are integral to each building. Basement car parks are naturally vented. Stairs between levels are brought to the building edge so they are naturally lit. 


Each of the three buildings are distinctly individual in terms of scale and configuration yet they share a similar architectural language. The development reads as a whole – more than the sum of its parts - its impact amplified.

​Project Team: Bo Husband, Nathan Roberts, Robert McNamara and Peter Edwards

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